Trump has given up being president and is fighting 'like hell to keep the stink of losing off of him': CNN analyst

In a column for CNN, political analyst Chris Cillizza noted that Donald Trump has all but given up on even pretending to be the president and has only one goal in mind before exiting the political stage: changing the perception that he lost to former Vice President Joe Biden.

As the CNN analyst notes, since it became apparent that Biden has an insurmountable lead in the Electoral College, he has spent his days, playing golf, tweeting, making controversial military proposals that could have disastrous consequences and firing people. And, while that might sound like the last four years of his administration, Cillizza points out that previously the president tried to seem like ...a president.

"Since losing the election, Trump has effectively given up doing any parts of the job that require either consultation with people outside of his inner circle or interaction with anyone who won't affirm his fantasy that he is actually not only winning the election but will eventually claim a second term," he wrote. "What's striking about Trump's I'm-taking-my-ball-and-going-home approach since losing his bid for a second term is that he continues to fight like hell -- publicly at least -- to hold onto a job that he has shown zero interest in actually doing over the past two weeks."

Relying on Trump's history since he's been in office, the CNN editor-at-large said the president is likely obsessed with taking care of his image over taking care of the country.

"Trump hates the idea of losing or being termed a loser more than anything. And so, even if he doesn't really like doing most of the job that the American public fired him from, he will fight like hell to keep the stink of losing off of him," he suggested before proposing, "But what these past two weeks have proven is that Trump cares about the winning (and the losing) much more than the job itself. He likes being president. Just not the stuff you have to do to, you know, be the president."

You can read the whole piece here.