Trump insults Georgia’s GOP governor — then demands impossible-to-perform election audit
Brian Kemp and Donald Trump (Photo via White House)

President Donald Trump lobbed insults at Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and then asked him to overturn his state's election results.

The president ripped Kemp as "hapless" because he would not revoke his certification of Joe Biden's election win in Georgia, and Trump demanded an impossible-to-perform audit of absentee ballots.

"Why won’t Governor @BrianKempGA, the hapless Governor of Georgia, use his emergency powers, which can be easily done, to overrule his obstinate Secretary of State, and do a match of signatures on envelopes," Trump tweeted. "It will be a 'goldmine' of fraud, and we will easily WIN the state."

Signatures on absentee ballots are matched to those on voters' registration forms after they're returned, but the envelopes and ballots are separated after that verification -- so the audit Trump demands could not be traced back to any ballots.

A judge would have no other choice than to throw out every absentee ballot in a county, which seems to be what the president wants.

"Also, quickly check the number of envelopes versus the number of ballots," Trump tweeted. "You may just find that there are many more ballots than there are envelopes. So simple, and so easy to do. Georgia Republicans are angry, all Republicans are angry. Get it done!"