Trump is purging officials who commit the 'unforgivable sin of telling the truth': CNN's Berman
Donald Trump appears at NBC promotional event (NBC)

CNN's John Berman on Wednesday teed off on President Donald Trump for firing Chris Krebs, the former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency who made waves in recent days by debunking false 2020 election fraud claims.

Berman started off by calling out Trump for attacking "dedicated civil servants while simultaneously trying to undermine the outcome of an election."

"The president fired a key official at the Department of Homeland Security, whose crime apparently was to protect the integrity of the election and who committed the unforgivable sin in Trump World of telling the truth about the absence of widespread fraud," Berman said.

He then explained that Trump is now openly encouraging Republicans in swing states to refuse to certify the results of the 2020 election in a desperate bid to cling to power.

"The question is not just how far will the president go -- we know the answer to that, there's no limit," Berman warned. "The real question is how far will Republicans let him go? There's been this idea that their acquiescence is all performance art, a game, walking around like Russell Crowe in 'Gladiator,' shouting, 'Are you not entertained?!' This morning, the answer to that, at least, is 'no.'"

Watch the video below.