Trump knows he can’t win – he just wants to keep bilking his supporters: Republican strategist

Speaking on MSNBC this Wednesday, Republican political analyst Rick Tyler discussed President Trump's recent firing of cybersecurity director Chris Krebs after he expressed confidence in the U.S. election process, saying that Krebs "did the most courageous thing by putting his career on the line, and he paid for it with his career."

"The President did the most cowardly thing, which was to fire a civil servant for doing his job," Tyler said.

"I guess, unfortunately, he couldn't protect the country from the disinformation the President put out, and continues to put out," he continued, later adding that he doesn't think Trump "has any illusions that he can overturn this election" as evidenced by his hiring of Rudy Giuliani to spearhead the effort.

"But [Trump] will continue to try," Tyler said, pointing out that the 73 million people who voted for Trump provide a "huge market base" for whatever plans he has after the election.

Watch the full segment below: