Trump-loving pastor who blamed COVID-19 on fornication dies from COVID-19
Irvin Baxter (Right Wing Watch)

An end-times pastor who blamed premarital sex for the coronavirus has died from the coronavirus.

The 75-year-old Irvin Baxter was hospitalized last week with complications from a COVID-19 infection, and his ministry announced with "deep grief" that the pastor had died Tuesday, reported Friendly Atheist.

"Though, we find comfort in knowing that he has without a doubt entered his great reward," the ministry said in a statement.

"Irvin was hospitalized last week with COVID-19," the statement added. "Since then, a vast network of churches and ministries, have been in almost constant prayer for him. The team at Endtime wants you to know that we appreciate your prayers and support through this season."

The Pentecostal minister founded Endtime Ministries in 1991, and hosted the "Politics and Religion" talk show for National Prophecy radio, where he praised President Donald Trump for possibly hastening the biblical apocalypse.

Baxter told televangelist Jim Bakker in March that the coronavirus pandemic was punishment for sex between unmarried couples.

"If we think we can just ignore God and live a sinful lifestyle, well, we cannot do it," Baxter said. "You know, I believe in what you’re saying, that God may be using this as a wake-up call. This coronavirus may be a privilege, because I’ll tell you right now, there’s a much bigger judgment coming. "

The ministry did not disclose how Baxter became infected with the deadly virus.