Trump plans to hold rallies to lead his followers in a legal war to stop Biden from taking office: report
President Donald Trump speaks at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. (StratosBril /

President Donald Trump is taking his show on the road in his administration's final days, attempting to get his supporters to follow him into the war against President-elect Joe Biden taking office.

Axios reported Sunday that the president's team will publish obituaries they say of people who allegedly voted in the 2020 election, despite being dead. While Trump may find a few examples of questionable votes or fraudulent behavior, he won't find enough to nullify the election. He'll then take the illegal ballots to campaign-style rallies.

Trump's team hasn't been able to justify their claims that the election was a fraud, thus far, but they are apparently working to find examples.

"Team Trump is ready to announce specific recount teams in key states, and it plans to hold a series of Trump rallies focused on the litigation," said Axios.

"We want to make sure we have an adequate supply of manpower on the ground for man-to-man combat," an adviser told Axios.

They're also creating a campaign-style media-operation, the report said.

It will pump out "regular press briefings, releases on legal action and obviously things like talking points and booking people strategically on television," an adviser explained.

They'll do a big push for money for the legal defense, but the reality is that the majority of the money is being spent to retire Trump's debt.

"Reps. Jim Jordan and Scott Perry, as well as former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, are also heavily involved," in the legal defense, said Axios. They'll coordinate heavily with the White House team, including chief of staff Mark Meadows and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

"We all have the same goal in mind, which is using the legal process over the next many days and weeks ahead to make sure that the president is re-elected," an adviser said.

It may take a lot of support from his team, however, as the past several days revealed the president is very sad and his allies have begged supporters to show up with flags and signs to make him feel better.

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