Trump takes credit for COVID vaccine and defends withholding it from New York as the 'New York delay'
Donald Trump (MANDEL NGAN AFP)

In two tweets on Saturday morning, Donald Trump took credit for the development of the COVID-19 vaccine -- which was done independently of the government -- and then defended withholding it from New York by claiming Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is to blame before calling it the "New York delay."

According to the president, "I LOVE NEW YORK! As everyone knows, the Trump Administration has produced a great and safe VACCINE far ahead of schedule. Another Administration would have taken five years. The problem is, @NYGovCuomo said that he will delay using it, and other states WANT IT NOW..."

He then added, "We cannot waste time and can only give to those states that will use the Vaccine immediately. Therefore the New York delay. Many lives to be saved, but we are ready when they are. Stop playing politics!"

You can see the tweets below: