Trump trying to trick his supporters into believing new vote counts are new votes: MSNBC historian
Donald Trump (AFP)

MSNBC's Jon Meacham said President Donald Trump was trying to trick his supporters into confusing new vote counts with new votes.

The president demanded an end to voting -- which stopped Tuesday evening all across the country -- as states counted the ballots that had been cast amid record turnout, and the "Morning Joe" contributor said Trump was being dangerously careless.

"The president has spun this narrative that the voting is still unfolding," Meacham said. "You know, let's be very careful about our words here. He's trying to create the impression that what Steve [Kornacki] was just doing, what Willie [Geist] was doing last night is somehow reporting fresh information, fresh votes being cast now, that somehow or another the Democrats know the margin they need."

"I mean, that's the story he's trying to tell," Meacham added. "Unclear at this hour how many people will believe it."