Trump wants to find better lawyers as his legal strategy fails to achieve results: CNN’s Kaitlan Collins
Rudy Giuliani on his podcast (screengrab).

President Donald J. Trump is reportedly thinking twice about his legal team and whether or not they can do the task at hand of getting him re-elected as ballots continue to pour in for his opponent, Joe Biden.

"We're being told tonight by sources that the president is raising questions about the effective of that [legal] team ... basically suggesting he doesn't think they're up for the task. And he's even told one person he wants them to find him better attorneys to put on his team because he wants a team, as one person described, as killers," CNN's Kaitlan Collins reported.

Collins added, "We're told it's not only the president raising those questions, it's also some of his top staffers."

She said the buzz in the campaign was that they kept referring to the Florida recount.

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