Trump will soon be a 'dumpy 74-year-old wheeling around the golf course' while awaiting 'his next cheeseburger': columnist
President Donald Trump

Daily Beast columnist Margaret Carlson on Thursday published a brutal opinion piece in which she danced on President Donald Trump's political grave and relished the thought of his fading into irrelevancy.

In her column, Carlson acknowledged many liberals' fears that Trump will never leave the national spotlight, but she said the soon-to-be-ex-president is more likely to be treated more like a washed-up celebrity than a political icon.

"To those worried we will never rid ourselves of Trump, watch as he shrinks before our very eyes in a Washington minute from leader of the free world to a broken-down real estate developer up to his ears in debt," she wrote. "On Monday, Trump was just another dumpy 74-year-old man wheeling around the golf course in a motorized cart wondering how long it would be until his next cheeseburger."

She then predicts that the president's hangers on will slowly abandon him, although she thinks attorney Rudy Giuliani might stick with him even after Trump inevitably stiffs him out of his legal fees.

"The two will grow ever older together, all others having fled the scene of their many crimes against humanity," she writes. "They deserve each other. Now that’s a story I won’t be able to resist reading."

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