Trump won’t admit he lost — so he’s ignoring aides urging him to do a ‘victory tour’: report
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

On CNN Monday, Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey explained that President Donald Trump's inability to accept his loss is preventing him from even celebrating his accomplishments for the GOP on the way out.

"According to your reporting, the president's aides, even though they were clear-eyed about his loss, they indulged and encouraged him to keep fighting," said anchor John Berman. "Is there anyone around him being realistic?"

"Most people around the president, they realized he's not going to win this election," said Dawsey. "They're working on a speech for him before he leaves. He's never going to concede. But in their mind, you know, the president has a powerful legacy. He got three justices on the Supreme Court, he got more votes than any Republican has and more minority votes than any Republican has. And they wanted to tout these accomplishments and leave with more of a victory tour of sorts, even though he lost. Those conversations have not gone anywhere. He still wants to fight."

"It is a two-prong reason," added Dawsey. "One is just his pugilistic instinct to fight. The second is they're raising a lot of money for legal fund, they're raising a lot of money for his PAC, his political future. He's freezing out the field in 2024 and he's getting media attention and coverage and, you know, he's still in the spotlight. For the president right now, he does not see as much advantage to quit this yet."

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