Trump's efforts to overturn the election are about to hit a wall: report
Donald Trump during a campaign rally in Nashville. (NumenaStudios /

On Saturday, POLITICO examined how President Donald Trump's efforts to overturn the results of the election are running into a "wall of deadlines" that could put an end to his options.

"Michigan is due to certify its state results Monday. Arizona and Pennsylvania counties must also finalize their results the same day," reported Kyle Cheney, Meridith McGraw, and Holly Otterbein. "On the heels of Georgia’s certification of Joe Biden’s victory on Friday, the series of administrative deadlines stands to all but formalize Biden’s win by officially affirming the results in enough contested states to put him over the 270-electoral-vote threshold."

Furthermore, said the report, Trump's most recent plays to change the results — including a meeting with Michigan lawmakers who could theoretically vote to toss out the election and seat new electors — appear to be falling flat.

"After emerging from the meeting, Republican leaders of Michigan's state House and Senate indicated that the election was in fact a topic of discussion," said the report. "But they dealt a blow to Trump's hopes, saying they did not hear or see anything that suggested the state’s 16 electoral votes should go to Trump, rather than Biden. Biden won the state by 154,000 votes."

The result is that many Republicans are now saying Trump should abandon his efforts.

“I’ve not seen any evidence of fraud that could overturn 150,000 and some votes,” said Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) on Friday. “This doesn’t seem to be about fraud anymore … I don’t know what path they’re on.” GOP Maricopa County Board of Supervisors chairman Clint Hickman agreed, saying, "It's time to dial back the rhetoric, conspiracies and false claims. In a free democracy, elections result in some people's candidate losing."

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