Trump's 'long-shot scorched-Earth strategy' to steal the election is doomed to fail: GOP election lawyer
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

President Donald Trump is still desperately trying to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, which current tallies show that he lost by close to 6 million votes nationwide.

However, longtime Republican election lawyer Ben Ginsburg told CNN on Thursday that Trump's efforts to steal the election from President-elect Joe Biden are doomed to fail.

"It's a long-shot, scorched-Earth strategy and it's not going to work for any number of reasons," he explained. "In Michigan, if it goes now to a state board, irrespective of what the two Wayne County people have said overnight, and that state board has a legal obligation to certify the results... this is going to get resolved."

Ginsburg said that the thing that is most surprising to him is that the president's lawyers think their strategy has any shot at succeeding.

"What's most interesting about this is that the Trump forces actually seem to think this is going to work," he said. "It looks like what the Trump campaign is trying to do is to get him a win, any sort of a win. So then he can say, see, there was a problem in this election. Because right now, all he has is a string of loss, loss, loss, loss, loss."

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