Trump's top COVID adviser goes on Russian state-media to claim lockdowns are 'killing people'
Scott Atlas -- RT screenshot

Seeking a friendly venue where he would not be challenged, Dr. Scott Atlas -- who has emerged as Donald Trump's favorite doctor on all matters CONVID-19 related despite his lack of credentials in epidemiology -- appeared on Kremlin-backed Russia Today to say that the biggest problem with the coronavirus pandemic is the lockdown.

Described on the show as "one of the only two men the U.S. president apparently listens to on the pandemic,” Atlas took shots at White House health officials who preceded him by saying there has been an“epic failure of public policy by people who refuse to accept they were wrong.”

"They’re killing people with their fear-inducing shutdown policies,” he continued before complaining about the universal attacks on his credibility by a wide array of medical professionals in the country.

“When you come up and you stand next to the president of the United States in an attempt to help the country in the biggest crisis of the world, you must be destroyed by the media in the United States. It’s a sad statement in America that the U.S. is hysterical over this,” he whined.

Watch below: