'Vile' Trump is inciting his supporters to commit violence because he knows 'he can't win legitimately': Mary Trump
Donald Trump - MSNBC screenshot

Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday afternoon, Donald Trump's niece Mary expressed disgust with the president praising supporters who surrounded a Biden/Harris bus in Texas on Saturday, almost forcing it off the road.

Speaking with host Jonathan Capehart as they watched clips of the president speaking at a Sunday rally, Mary Trump called her uncle "vile" and said he is inciting his followers to commit more violence.

"As if my blood pressure weren't high enough," she began. "He is vile. He is actively calling on American citizens to commit violence against other American citizens simply for voicing their opinions."

"This is so dangerous," she added. "He is doing the same thing with his armed supporters to go watch the polls. And we know which neighborhoods he's sending these people to. So, it can't be clearer what he is doing. Please understand that he will allow violence to be committed in his name in order to take this election because he knows he can't win it legitimately."

Watch below: