White House staff waiting for Trump to realize what Giuliani is doing is dangerous -- he hasn't yet
Donald Trump crosses arms when asked about Robert Mueller investigation (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's White House aides were hoping that he would come to his senses after watching former Mayor Rudy Giuliani make a fool of himself on national television. It hasn't worked, however.

According to New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman revealed that Trump has been obsessed with the Dominion electronic voting machines. Trump first tweeted about them in a since-debunked tweet from OAN citing a report that never existed. OAN has since removed the story, but lawyer Sidney Powell cited another debunked conspiracy theory that former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez created the electronic voting machine to steal the election from President Trump. Chávez has been dead for seven years.

Trump is "asking one person after another about the conspiracy theory that Sidney Powell has floated about them, according to multiple Trump advisers," Haberman said.

"Some Trump advisers - none of whom are speaking publicly - are saying this press conference and what Giuliani is doing is dangerous," she also reported. "They’re waiting for the president to recognize that but he is not so far."

It's a similar claim made by NBC News reporter Carol Lee, who said that White House staff are "embarrassed" by Giuliani and fearful that he will destroy Trump's legacy.