‘Zero doubt’ that Biden has a better chance of winning than Trump: MSNBC’s John Heilemann
John Heilemann (MSNBC)

MSNBC's John Heilemann said Joe Biden's position is unquestionably stronger than President Donald Trump's on the day after the election.

The "Morning Joe" contributor thinks the Democratic challenger has more paths to victory than the president, who has already falsely claimed victory and demanded an end to voting -- which already ended on Election Night.

"As depressed at one point as Democrats were because the most optimistic scenarios for them had not come true, the reality was there were six states that were battleground states that had not been lost," Heilemann said. "Joe Biden had not lost any of them except for the -- out of the seven, Florida he had lost, but there were six that were still out. Of those six, five where Biden was in a better position to win them than Trump, given what was left in the vote and the way the map was playing out."

"So I think there's zero doubt, zero about whose hand you'd rather be playing right now between Donald Trump and Joe Biden," he added.