Black woman gets N-word letter from neighbor for using blender at 10 am: 'Learn to have respect'
Twitter user @earthyari_ (via Twitter)

A Black woman from Boston, Massachusetts shared a racist letter she said she had received from a neighbor that admonished her for "loud" sex and using a blender at 10 a.m.

The woman, who uses the Twitter handle @earthyari_, posted an image of the letter on Tuesday.

"You seem to have no respect for others huh?" the letter begins. "You seem to think you can move into a new building without abiding by the rules of morality or have any concern for anyone else but yourself."

"Who uses a blender at 10am," the note continues. "You're playing rap music so early in the morning? Please put away the n****r music only n****rs listen to n****r music."

"It's entirely rude please learn to have some respect," the letter said before adding: "And please stop having sexual relations so loud I promise you it's not that good sweetie you don't need to wake everyone up. Learn to have manners and be respectful."

The woman who received the letter defended herself on Twitter.

"In my defense, my music isn’t that loud I’ve actually walked out my apt while it was playing to test it," she explained, "& making a smoothie at 10am isn’t that bad. I won’t comment on the last thing."

Read the letter below.