Columnist tears into GOP for accusing Hunter Biden of what Ivanka Trump has done in the open
Ivanka Trump surrounded by world leaders (MSNBC)

On Monday, writing for Vogue, columnist Molly Jong-Fast eviscerated the double standard that has allowed the Republican Party to accuse Hunter Biden of offenses that outgoing first daughter Ivanka Trump has gotten away with in the open for years.

"Over the past year, Donald Trump and his supporters have invested a lot of energy maligning Hunter Biden, going back to those unsubstantiated charges about his dealings with Ukraine," wrote Jong-Fast. "So obviously they were delighted this week when news broke that Trump’s Justice Department is now investigating Hunter for his taxes."

"The very same week that the investigation into Hunter’s taxes was announced the president’s favorite employee, his daughter Ivanka, announced that she and Jared had purchased an 1.84-acre plot of land on a private, 29-residence island in Miami for roughly $30 million," wrote Jong-Fast. "According to published reports, the couple made at least $36 million in outside income in 2019 alone, all while working for her father as government employees."

Meanwhile, she noted, Ivanka faces investigation as part of a Washington, D.C. probe alleging she may have steered money from the Trump inaugural fund into the family business via the Trump hotel on lease from the General Services Administration.

"I’m all for investigating Hunter Biden and Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Investigating abuses of power shouldn’t be a partisan issue," wrote Jong-Fast. "Presidential kids shouldn’t be allowed to engage in corruption in any way; you can lock them all up for all I care. But fundamentally, Hunter Biden is not the same as Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, who were given keys to the United States government. I don’t think Hunter Biden should work in the Biden White House, and, more important, he won’t because it’s against the law. Sometimes false equivalencies are just false."

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