Giuliani’s star witness gets destroyed at Georgia election fraud hearing

During testimony today in Atlanta, Georgia, regarding the Trump campaign's allegations of mass voter fraud, one of the Trump campaign's star witnesses, Retired Army Col. Phil Waldron, was on the receiving end of a grilling by state Democratic Senator Jen Jordan over his testimony and a video that claims to show ballots being "pulled from under a table" after poll workers were allegedly told to leave the room.

Jordan asked Waldron if he was indeed suggesting that the ballots represented in the video were somehow fraudulent, to which Waldron replied that "we do have affidavits of people who trucked in ballots from out of state into other states..."

"And to be clear -- into Georgia?" Jordan interjected.

"Not into Georgia," replied Waldron, who was presented by Rudy Giuliani as a cybersecurity and elections expert.

After pointing out that the ballot counting process varies from state to state, Jordan asked if Waldron's opinion about alleged voter fraud that took place in Georgia is "based on the fact that there are affidavits of other people from other states who have alleged that they trucked in ballots from other states -- so then your testimony is saying that, ergo, these ballots in this video must have been trucked in from other states and are unlawful?"

Waldron replied that he's not making that direct claim, but rather a "full forensic audit would determine that."

Jordan then said that if the ballots were indeed fraudulently injected into the counting process, "then you would expect then that the number of ballots would exceed the number of registered voters to have requested absentee ballots and-or you had voted in person. Correct?"

"Underneath the -- within the margin for error," Waldron replied. "We've seen -- again, not -- I haven't seen in Georgia, so I can't testify to that, but we've seen in other places where ballots were segregated, separated and discarded, or not counted, and other ballots were injected, and those were by affidavits that have been acquired by all the legal teams."

Watch the full exchange below: