'I WON THE ELECTION IN A LANDSLIDE': Trump continues freakout on Twitter after brutal Supreme Court loss

On Saturday morning Donald Trump picked up where he left off late Friday night by insisting that he is being robbed of his re-election and with an all-cap exclamation: "I WON THE ELECTION IN A LANDSLIDE."

Following the Supreme Court's denial to consider a lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton seeking to throw out votes in four other states, the president went on a Twitter jag on Friday night, calling the decision a "disgrace."

On Saturday, he continued in that vein, writing, "I WON THE ELECTION IN A LANDSLIDE, but remember, I only think in terms of legal votes, not all of the fake voters and fraud that miraculously floated in from everywhere! What a disgrace!" among other tweets.

You can see the tweets below: