Ivanka Trump offered 'highly misleading' defense in inauguration corruption probe: DC Attorney General
Rachel Maddow and Attorney General of the District of Columbia Karl Racine on MSNBC (screengrab).

The attorney general for Washington, DC on Thursday harshly criticized the defense offered by first daughter Ivanka Trump after it was revealed she was deposed in a lawsuit over the misuse of non-profit funds by Trump's 2017 inauguration committee.

Attorney General Karl Racine was interviewed on MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show."

"There's a long list of people and entities who have been subpoenaed for documents as part of your investigation," Maddow noted. "Have you been able to talk to everybody you'd like to talk to?"

"Yeah," Racine replied. "Our prosecution of this civil case has been thorough and, indeed, we've received numerous documents. We think that the productions to date have been complete."

"I want to emphasize a couple of points, and I think that with all due respect to Ivanka Trump, what she put out today was highly misleading and at best only a part of the story. For example, Rachel, she makes a lot of an email wherein she claims that she directed the foundation to pay market rate for the Trump Hotel. That email was dated December 14th. Days after that email, there was clearly an attempt to pay a lot more than the market price. Stephanie Winston Wokoff sent emails -- including to Ivanka Trump -- raising alarms about the prices that the Trump Hotel was seeking to charge the inauguration committee," he explained.

"Interestingly, Ms. Trump does not cite any email after Ms. Wolcoff's red-alarm email saying, 'oh my goodness, this should not be charged at these high levels.' And, in fact, as we know, the foundation was charged at extraordinarily high levels," Racine explained.