Liberty University weighs shutting down Falwell's pro-Trump 'think tank' that has produced zero research
Jerry Falwell Jr. (left) and Donald Trump (right). Image via Falwell's Twitter.

It's been months since disgraced self-cuckolding former Liberty University president Jerry Falwell, Jr. resigned from his position, but the school is still grappling with some of the financial decisions he made during his tenure.

As Politico reports, one of Falwell's more controversial decisions was to team up with Trump-loving conservative activist Charlie Kirk to found the Falkirk Center, a pro-Trump conservative "think tank" that has mostly produced propaganda for the president while releasing no scholarly research.

One source at the university says that some Liberty University board members want to shut down the Falkirk Center because they "don’t think it helps the school in maintaining a high academic standard" because "you can’t really call something a think tank, and yet it doesn’t put out academic research, or papers, or any kind of scholarship."

Karen Swallow Prior, a professor who taught at the school for more than two decades before leaving earlier this year, told Politico that the Falkirk Center was "everything that was wrong with Liberty when Jerry was there... it's brazenly partisan."

Instead of releasing original research, the Falkirk Center spent more than $50,000 this year on Facebook ads promoting Trump and other Republican candidates, Politico reports.

"'Pray For Our President,' declared one, featuring a photo of Trump with his hands clasped in prayer," the publication writes of the ads. "'Be a radical for our republic,' said another Facebook ad that ran over the summer with a photo of a beaming Madison Cawthorn, the rising GOP star and congressional candidate from North Carolina who spoke at Trump’s convention."