Mental health expert calls for invoking 25th Amendment: 'Every day Donald Trump is in office, we are in danger'

I would like to echo what a good friend from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government has said: “Today is a good day to invoke the 25th Amendment.”

Now and then, we must recalibrate to consider what an extreme situation we are asked to accept.  A mentally-incapacitated president has fueled a pandemic that has now caused more than 300,000 deaths unnecessarily, economic struggles that rival the Great Depression with little relief, a climate crisis that has now become an imminent existential threat, and a culture of violence that is encouraging civil conflict, extrajudicial killings, and the revival of federal executions, as he fails to protect the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Treasury from Russian hacking.

All this was predicted by dozens of renowned mental health professionals in “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” and his mental incapacity definitively proven by top mental health experts in our “Report on the Mueller Report” in April 2019.  Every day Donald Trump is in office, we are in danger.

As mental health professionals, we have a responsibility to society as important as our responsibility to patients, according to our ethics guidelines.  Whereas we cannot say how this should be done, we have a responsibility to state that mental compromise makes the president’s removal imperative for the public’s protection.

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