MSNBC analyst quotes Dr. Phil to explain Republicans are volunteers not victims of Trump's attacks
Dr. Phil (YouTube, screenshot)

During Wednesday's episode of "Deadline White House," Dr. Jason Johnson cited television psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw, when explaining to Republicans that they are officially complicit in President Donald Trump's actions.

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace said that typically Republicans call it "Trump derangement syndrome" or accuse progressives of being "too sensitive" to Trump. But now, it's Republicans that Trump is turning against.

"He is targeting the kinds of statewide officials who a few years down the road would show up in Iowa and kick the tires on a national run," she explained. "He's targeting statewide officials in Georgia who get the same voters who voted for Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who voted for Donald Trump. He is smashing up the future of the Republican Party. Personally, I think that's what they deserve. They built Frankenstein. But what do you think pumps the brakes? Do you think someone has to, as this [Georgia election] official, Gabriel Sterling warned yesterday, he said, 'Someone's going to get shot.' Do you think it has to come to that to wake up anybody else that might have any influence in the party, or do you think it's too far gone?"

Dr. Johnson said that he thinks it's clear the GOP is too far gone.

"Gabby Giffords was shot. Steve Scalise was shot. And Steve Scalise didn't change his mind about much about guns. These people have been in an abusive relationship -- an abusive personal and political relationship with Donald Trump for four years. That's what they've signed up for. Dr. Phil says at some point you go from being a victim to a volunteer. They're volunteering for this abuse at this point. The same people who are crying now about these threats and about the violence, they didn't have anything to say when he was saying, 'lock her up.' They didn't have anything to say when Donald Trump told police, knock somebody's head before you bring them inside. They didn't have anything to say when Donald Trump said, beat up that protester, 'I'll pay your legal bills.' They said it was funny, 'you people are all concerned.'"

He went on to say that he doesn't want to see anyone get hurt or suffer anymore. However, he doesn't have a lot of empathy for Republicans who have been willing to tolerate his abuse as long as it was against someone they didn't like.

"I think, unfortunately, what we're going to see is violence because honestly, Nicolle, the closer we get to Inauguration Day, that's where the real derangement is going to come out -- when it finally exhausts itself," Dr. Johnson continued. "Everybody recognizes that none of these crazy schemes by Rudy Giuliani -- they're not going to work. People are going to take this into their own hands and get violent and right at the doorstep of Donald Trump and the millions of people who enabled him."

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