MSNBC's Morning Joe rains hell on 'liars behind the pulpit' helping Trump spread dangerous falsehoods
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough condemned President Donald Trump's religious allies for helping him to spread lies about the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

The "Morning Joe" host blasted the president for continuing to ignore the pandemic that's killing more than 2,700 per day, and he took aim at Trump's enablers on the religious right who are helping to spread dangerous lies.

"I have had friends over the course of the year say the stupidest things to me, the most ignorant things to me," Scarborough said. "No worse than the flu, that masks don't do anything, oh, this is going to magically disappear the day after Election Day. You know, this is all just a conspiracy to try to defeat Donald Trump, it's going to go away afterwards. Anthony Fauci has cooked this all up so he could make billions of dollars off of vaccines, it's all a scam."

"The people inside the cult and inside the Trump cult that actually believe this is a conspiracy because if you do, you are inside of a cult and it's dangerous and you need to get help from mental health providers," he added. "I would say you would need to go to church but unfortunately there's so many liars behind the pulpit right now who are spreading Donald Trump's lies. They are worse than the religious leaders that Jesus called out when he was doing in his ministry. So it's hard to find people, I guess, in some communities that won't lie to you."