Neo-Nazis want to use anti-vaxxer propaganda to spark a race war: report
Neo-Nazis at Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville (Rodney Dunning/Flickr)

Neo-Nazis have reportedly started flooding one of their propaganda channels with anti-vaxxer propaganda in the hopes of sparking a race war.

The Daily Beast reports that a white nationalist Telegram channel called Corona Chan News (CCN) has started pushing false information to its followers about Pfizer's vaccine for the novel coronavirus causing sterilization.

The endgame, according to the channel's founders, is to spark conflict between anti-vaxxers and government authorities, which will allow neo-Nazis to push for a wider race-based conflict.

"The channel is open and explicit about its aim, and about the fact that it doesn’t necessarily want to bring anti-vaxxers into the neo-Nazi fold, just push them into ugly conflict with authorities that white nationalists can exploit," writes The Daily Beast.

One post on the channel gamed out the best way to maximize anti-vaxxer sentiment and turn it into open racial hostility.

"We must further radicalize the anti vaccine [sic] movement," the post stated. "They have the potential for extremism against the system... Encourage militancy. The racial angle can be used or it can be avoided for wider reach. Propaganda memes will be essential for this effort."

Another post said the goal should be to get as many white people as possible to refuse to take the vaccine.

"This will force the system’s hand to escalate," the post explained. "Rebellion will grow in response to their clampdown on anti vaxxers [sic] and this works in our favor."

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