'Patriot' gets humiliated by Georgia cops on his livestream after falsely accusing a county worker of stealing election data
Election poll workers wear masks during the 2020 primary election day in Nevada. (Trevor Bexon / Shutterstock.com)

An employee of the county of Gwinnett in Georgia was followed by a man who thought he was illegally moving computers. The man who followed him was broadcasting live on Twitter and another person watching called the police, but as 11Alive reports, the Lawrenceville Police Department says the employee was just moving desk phones.

The responding officer wrote in his report that the person watching the livestream, "was very upset that there was a vehicle... leaving the elections building filled with, what he believed to be, computers containing data for the 2020 General Election."

The officer added that the livestream watcher "demanded that I watch the Twitter live stream, figure out where the vehicle is on the road and stop it."

The Twitter user conducting the livestream reportedly followed the employee for 10 miles.

"[The Twitter user] advised why he was following the vehicle, because he believed the vehicle contained computers that had data on the 2020 General Election still on their hard drives," the officer's report states. "The Officer in the stream investigated the boxes in the [vehicle] and found that they were boxes of new desk phones that the County was upgrading to. The Officer advised that the driver of the [vehicle] was simply driving to different locations and upgrading County workers' desk phones."

The officer responding found a group at the back entrance of the county elections office "wishing to make sure the election office does not discard any computers." The officer spoke to an elections official who told him the group "had been harassing the county staff and that they needed to leave the rear of the building."

When officers spoke to the man conducting the livestream, he said he came from Oklahoma "because nobody was monitoring the voting facilities," later adding that he believed computers were illegally being taken from election offices.

"I'm gonna tell you, straight up, you're wrong," one of the officers replied. "Because he's just a county worker replacing phones for the county."

Not long before the incident, a top election official in Georgia slammed President Trump and other top Republican leaders for attacking Georgia's election system after reports of harassment and death threats against election officials and poll workers.

Watch a report on the story from 11Alive below: