'Prepare for war': GOP lawmaker rants about responding to Trump loss with violent insurrection
Rep. Robert Sutherland (Image via Washington House Republicans).

On Wednesday, The Seattle Times reported that Washington state Rep. Robert Sutherland told his followers on Facebook not to accept the results of the presidential election — and to "prepare for war."

"Joe Biden is not now, nor will ever be my President," wrote Sutherland. "Am I a sore loser? No. I'm pro-America and anti-communist. Joe Biden is a bought and paid for Communist China puppet. Stay tuned, big things happening soon at the Federal level." Sutherland previously also wrote, “Is the ‘coup’ against the sitting President the start of a second ‘Civil War’ here in the USA?” and claimed it would be “righteous” if Trump invoked the military to prevent the transfer of power.

“It’s OUR Country and no one will steal it from us," he wrote. "Not without a fight, that is.”

Sutherland's comments come as Donald Trump continues to refuse to accept the results of the presidential election, although his lawsuits have been almost uniformly rejected in state and federal court.

A representative from Granite Falls in Snohomish County, Sutherland also spurred controversy earlier this year by patrolling in an armed vigilante group against police brutality protesters in June.

Washington state Republicans have suffered a series of embarrassments over extremist behavior by House lawmakers, including Matt Shea, who was identified as participating in domestic terrorist plots.