Racist Trump supporter threatens to lynch woman for not returning shopping cart: police

A Trump supporter in Memphis, Tennessee, is facing charges of civil rights intimidation and assault after threatening to lynch a woman at a shopping center, according to local news outlet WREG.

The victim told police that Clinton Jeffries, 52, began yelling at her after she left a shopping cart in a parking space on Wednesday.

The woman alleged that Jeffries shouted, “N*****, I’ll hang you from a tree” and blocked her vehicle in its parking spot.

The police wrote in a statement that the woman “was placed in fear of her life from the anger that was displayed toward her."

Jeffries later went to a police station and admitted to blocking the victim's vehicle, calling her a racial slur and threatening to hang her.

On his personal Facebook page, Jeffries has shared numerous news articles, videos, and memes in support of President Donald Trump. He has also shared content from prominent Black Trump supporters, such as Herschel Walker and Kanye West.