‘Raging’ Trump is ignoring his presidential duties as he obsesses over election grievances: reporter

Speaking on MSNBC this Tuesday, Washington Post reporter Phil Rucker discussed a report detailing President Trump's "mad King George" rants inside the White House insisting that he won the 2020 election.

According to Rucker, Trump has "largely abdicated the responsibilities of being the president" thanks to his intense focus on his grievances over the election, especially against Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, who he's incorporated into his voter fraud conspiracy theories.

"[Kemp] got elected very narrowly on 2018 on Trump's coattails, and Trump has been raging to his advisers in recent days and weeks that he can't believe that he endorsed Brian Kemp, and he's upset with Governor Kemp for not basically using his power as the state's top executive to try to change the outcome of that election," Rucker said.

Watch the video below: