RNC makes astoundingly large payment to Donald Trump Jr for his latest book: Report
Donald Trump Jr. speaks at campaign event in Ohio (screen grab)

The Republican National Committee paid more than $300,000 to buy copies of Donald Trump Jr.'s self-published book.

The RNC bought autographed copies of the new book, Liberal Privilege, to hand out to donors who contributed between $50 and $100 to the committee, a source told The Daily Beast.

The Oct. 28 payment sent $303,892.47 to Pursuit Venture LLC, a company owned by President Donald Trump's eldest son, and itemized as “donor mementos.”

While such arrangements are uncommon for books written by public officials, the RNC's payment was the single largest of more than 700 filings with the Federal Election Commission for donor “mementos” or “gifts."

The payment was also more than three times what the RNC had paid for Trump Jr.'s previous book, Triggered.