Quarantines ordered for attendees of Giuliani's Michigan hearing after 'extremely likely' exposure to COVID-19
Rudy Giuliani appears before Michigan House Oversight Committee (screen grab)

People who attended Rudy Giuliani's election meeting in Michigan last week have been ordered to quarantine themselves after the president's attorney announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Ingham County Health Department spokesperson Linda Vail made the announcement in a statement on Monday.

"It is extremely likely that Giuliani was contagious during his testimony," the statement said. "Those who were present without a mask and those who were within 6 feet of Mayor Giuliani must quarantine for the safety of others."

"I wish Mayor Giuliani a full and speedy recovery," the statement added.

Vail said that people who came within six feet of Giuliani without wearing a mask are required to quarantine until Dec. 12.

At one point during the testimony, Giuliani implored a woman sitting several feet away from him to take off her mask -- but she refused.

It was not immediately clear if Republican lawmakers who attended the meeting will be included in the quarantine order.