'Simply insane': Ex-GOP lawmaker shreds Trump allies for promoting martial law to keep him in power
Donald Trump and Mike Flynn (cnn.com)

Former Republican lawmaker Charlie Dent told CNN on Thursday that he was in disbelief that President Donald Trump's allies are now openly calling for implementing martial law to keep him in power.

While talking with host John Berman, Dent slammed former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn for sharing a manifesto that called upon Trump to declare martial law and then have the military conduct a re-vote of the entire 2020 election.

"Outrage doesn't begin to describe what's going on," Dent said. "To discuss martial law, which I don't think has been declared by a president since Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War is, simply insane. And what's happening is, it seems that Donald Trump, you know, is trying to conscript people to help him overturn or steal an election where he didn't like the outcome. That's what this is all about."

Later in the segment, Dent hammered the Trump campaign for making broad claims of systemic election fraud without providing a single concrete example of it in court.

"The only allegation I've seen in Pennsylvania is up here in the coal region, some guy was trying to get his dead mother to vote for Trump," he said. "This is part of the wrecking-ball approach to democratic institutions... I never thought I would see attacks on democracy at home, like I've seen especially coming from a White House and from a president and his allies. It's just completely insane."

Watch the video below.