Texas Republicans want to secede over Trump's loss -- but they're fighting another losing battle of their own: GOP strategist
MARCH 3, 2018, PRO-TRUMP RALLY, AUSTIN TEXAS - Pro-Trump Supporters and Activists Hold Rally Supporting President Trump, State Capitol, Austin Texas

Some Texas Republicans are threatening to secede from the United States over President Donald Trump's election loss, but one GOP strategist says that's the last gasp from a dying majority.

Party leaders and lawmakers threatened to leave the country after Texas attorney general Ken Paxton failed in his bid to get the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the election, but GOP strategist Susan Del Percio says in a new column for NBC News that they're fighting another type of losing battle.

"Even as the Texas GOP attempts to pledge its undying loyalty to Trump, the reality is that Texas will eventually go blue," Del Percio wrote. "While 2020 polls showed a tight race, it was always highly unlikely that Biden would win Texas. However, he was able to close the gap to just 6 points, an improvement on Hillary Clinton’s 9-point gap in 2016. Yes, 6 points is a solid victory, but Trump won the same 52 percent in 2020 as he did in 2016, showing no growth for the Republican on the ballot."

Texas added about 3.9 million people in the last decade, the largest population growth in the country, and Hispanics make up about half of that growth, and those changing demographics will strengthen Democratic chances there -- just as they did in Georgia.

"When this change does come to Texas, will Republicans work to recognize the diversity in their state — or will they become even more outspoken as they become outnumbered?" Del Percio wrote. "In a state where elected officials are already willing to incite sedition or propose sedition, the future looks bleak. Politicians of all stripes eventually lose their power, unless they learn that governing is about respecting the needs of the constituents — all of them."