‘This is no longer legal’: ABC analyst tells The View why any Trump election challenges are now just theft
Dan Abrams (ABC)

ABC News legal analyst Dan Abrams told "The View" that President Donald Trump had run out of legal options to challenge his election loss to Joe Biden.

The Electoral College voted for Biden on Monday, three days after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a lawsuit brought by Texas attorney general Ken Paxton and joined by Republican lawmakers and state attorneys general -- and Abrams said that was the end of the line for Trump's challenges.

"Certainly anything moving forward from today is out of hand," Abrams said. "In the day or two after the election, if Biden had been down by just a little bit, I wouldn't have been surprised if the Biden team had been in court trying to establish some basics. As it became clear that the election wasn't close, then it became clearer that the legal challenges weren't close -- they moved the goal post. Then it became trying to convince state legislators, let's try and prevent them from certifying the vote. That was the next fight, [but] that didn't work. Now we had the electors vote."

"Now it seems there are still some talking about this Jan. 6 date," Abrams added. "That's the day when it's really, really, really official. That's when Congress actually counts the votes, so I think you'll continue to see some of these now incredibly frivolous legal efforts, but, remember, this is no longer legal. At this point forward, anything from now on is an effort to steal the election, period."