‘This will haunt us’: Maddow breaks down how Trump ‘botched’ the coronavirus vaccine
Rachel Maddow on MSNBC (screengrab).

The host of "The Rachel Maddow Show" on MSNBC on Friday launched an angry tirade against how the Trump administration had "botched" the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine.

"Here's how badly they screwed this up," Maddow began. "It was going fine, and then they had to just screw it up at the very end."

Maddow was referring to a new Washington Post report that the White House demanded the FDA chief resign if a COVID vaccine wasn't approved by the end of the day.

"This ought to be an uncomplicated piece of good news, but they had to botch this at the very end," Maddow said. "The only way to alleviate Americans' wariness around a potential vaccine is for people to believe and know that it's the real deal, right? That the scientific process was not messed with, wasn't influenced by any weird political pressures to decide one way or another or to short-cut the safety checks on this thing."

"And now the FDA, under that FDA commissioner, has just approved the vaccine just in the past few minutes," she explained. "But the Trump White House, with this threat, they have bungled in a way that's going to have long-standing consequences -- they have bungled what ought to be an uncomplicated piece of good news, a ray of sunshine, right?"

"This is a source of hope -- with the White House ridiculously and unnecessarily undercutting and making a mess of it that will haunt us for no good reason as we try to put together a vaccination program for 330 million Americans in all of our complexity and in all of our suspicions and in all of our weird dynamics on social media and in our little hives. This will haunt us -- and they didn't have to do it," she noted. "God, it makes me mad."