Trump burned to the ground by GOP advisor for throwing 'world's biggest hissy fit' at Georgia rally
Donald Trump at MAGA rally in support of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach in 2018. (mark reinstein /

A Republican Party consultant leveled Donald Trump on Sunday morning for his performance before a rally crowd in Georgia on Saturday night that she labeled the "world's biggest hissy fit."

Speaking with MSNBC hosts Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser, GOP strategist Jennifer Horn expressed disgust with the president for focusing on himself when he was supposed to be boosting the fortunes of Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue who are both facing a runoff election against their Democratic opponents in January.

Asked if Trump is hurting or helping Republicans, Horn launched into a tirade about the president's latest actions.

"Donald Trump doesn't care," she began. "To extend the analogy earlier about the spoiled child, Donald Trump is throwing the world's biggest hissy fit because he did not get what he wanted, only instead of trying to break all the toys in the toy aisle, he's literally destroying American democracy as he gets dragged out the door here."

"And the person to blame are the parents who spoiled him," she continued. "It's the RNC, it's the Republican Party that allowed him to believe that somehow their job was to protect him and to give him everything he wanted. What Donald Trump is doing as he undermines the credibility of this election, as he asks sitting governors to literally disenfranchise tens of thousands of credible, legitimate votes, is damaging our country for cycles, for generations to come. But Donald Trump is not alone in the blame for that anymore. It's the Republican Party that has allowed him to believe he has the authority to do this."

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