Trump golfing and ranting about election conspiracies while the US government is attacked by Russia
Photo of Donald Trump golfing by Flickr user Steve Jurvetson

President Donald Trump spent the day golfing and ranting on Twitter. Meanwhile, the Russian government was hacking the U.S. Commerce Department.

The Washington Post reported Sunday that it wasn't known what all was taken or what information was accessed, but it serves as another example of Russian aggression that is being ignored by Trump.

"The state-sponsored hack was part of a broader cyber espionage campaign against the U.S. government and its interests," according to the reports.

However, Trump ranted about the defense spending bill, saying that he would veto it, an unfortunate pledge for American soldiers as their families head into the holidays.

Six hours later, Trump went off again, this time falsely alleging that "tens of millions" of ballots were sent out "haphazardly," delivering multiple ballots to people. If that was true, Trump would have proof that people voted more than once. He doesn't.

The next rant called the Supreme Court "chickens" for refusing to fight to hand him the presidency. And a series of rants about "swing state voter fraud," which he hasn't been able to prove or find any evidence of.