Trump has raised over $207 million since the election by lying about voter fraud: report
Donald Trump (NBC/Screenshot)

On Thursday, The New York Times reported that President Donald Trump has raised hundreds of millions of dollars from his followers by feeding them false voter fraud conspiracy theories and begging for money to help challenge the result.

"Mr. Trump’s campaign apparatus has continued to aggressively solicit donations under the guise of supporting his various legal challenges to the election of Joseph R. Biden Jr., but as of now 75 percent of donations go to to a new political action committee that Mr. Trump formed in mid-November and 25 percent to the Republican Party," reported Shane Goldmacher. "Only if a donor gives more than $6,000 do those funds go to Mr. Trump’s formal 'recount' account."

Key states including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona have already certified their election results, making it unclear what legal path the president even has to contest the result.

"His campaign did not release a breakdown of how the $207.5 million was divided, with funds split between the new PAC, paying off his campaign debts, the R.N.C. and two committees operated jointly by the party and the campaign," continued the report. "As of early evening, only the R.N.C. had filed its report, which showed it ended the period with $58.8 million cash on hand. As Mr. Trump has contested the results in multiple venues, the party had spent more than $6 million on legal bills, with $1.4 million going to the Jones Day law firm, $1.3 million to King and Spalding and more than $920,000 to Consovoy McCarthy."

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said that the fundraising "positions President Trump to continue leading the fight to clean up our corrupt elections process in so many areas around the country, and to build on gains from the 2020 elections so we can take back the House and build on our Senate majority in 2022."