Trump is losing to Biden again and again in a desperate attempt to avoid being forever labeled a loser: columnist
Donald Trump (NBC/Screenshot)

Writing in the Washington Post this Monday, columnist Eugene Robinson says that President Trump is suffering loss after loss to President-elect Joe Biden in his attempt to overturn the election's results. "Trump was declared the loser slightly after Election Day; he loses repeatedly and decisively in court; he loses in recounts and then demands re-recounts, which he will also lose," Robinson writes. "So much losing!"

According to Robinson, Trump's motivation may be the fact that Republicans in general did well in 2020, whereas he did not, getting "creamed" by 6 million votes.

In Trump's egocentric worldview in which absolutely everything is about oneself, the danger lies in the fact that he "sees himself as the boss and sees all those for whom he has done favors as his vassals," Robinson writes.

"Trump's exit, obviously, is anything but quiet. The question is how much of the scenery he will chew as he struts and frets his way from center stage to the wings where he belongs."

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