Trump knows he’s likely to be indicted when he leaves the White House — and he’s worried: reporter David Cay Johnston

Speaking on MSNBC this Tuesday, investigative reporter David Cay Johnston discussed the potential legal peril facing President Trump when he leaves the White House, saying he "knows very well that he is likely to be indicted on business, insurance, banking, and tax fraud by the state of New York."

"Donald knows that these are very dangerous cases for him, but there's nothing he can use his pardon power for because it's only useful for offenses against the United States, that is, federal charges," Johnston said.

According to Johnston, the small donors contributing to Trump's effort to overturn the election "didn't read the small print."

"He can use the money to subsidize his lifestyle and pay for lawyers rather than trying to get courts to overturn the election -- which has totally and completely failed as we all knew that it would from the get-go."

Watch the full segment below: