Trump-loving AGs' lawsuit could massively backfire and make America 'ungovernable': CNN's Errol Louis
President Donald Trump and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (Facebook).

CNN contributor Errol Louis on Thursday warned Republican attorneys general that their lawsuit trying to overturn 2020 presidential election results in four swing states could massively backfire if it were to succeed.

Louis argued that if it becomes an accepted custom that states can challenge other states on the way they choose to conduct elections, it will throw the entire system into a state of permanent chaos with election results in a state of never-ending dispute.

"If you want to make the country ungovernable, this is how you do it," he said. "And those 17 attorneys general, all of them Republican, who have decided to go to the White House and play out this farce for whatever political reasons they selected, should recognize they're doing great damage, not only to themselves and their own reputations, but to the ability to govern this country."

He then explained how America's highly decentralized system of holding elections, although chaotic and messy, was also essential to preventing the kind of widespread fraud that would be needed to alter legitimate election results.

"We have an election system that is done by basically 3,000 county-level mini elections that are governed by state law," he said. "It's a little complicated, but it actually helps prevent fraud and helps prevent the kind of overturning of results that the president is trying to do right now. We have to preserve that system."

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