Trump rants 'swing states found massive VOTER FRAUD' -- but he still can't name who committed fraud
President Donald Trump in the Oval Office (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump is still struggling to prove that there was voter fraud.

According to his own lawyers, there was no voter fraud.

“This is not a fraud case,” Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani admitted in a Pennsylvania court room.

“We are not alleging fraud in this lawsuit. We are not alleging anyone stealing the election," said Trump campaign attorney Kory Langhofer to an Arizona judge.

When Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) filed his lawsuit, joined by 17 other state attorneys general, he explained that it too wasn't a voter fraud case. He claimed that fraud is actually “undetectable,” but because it was undetectable, it meant that there was fraud. That's why he wants to see the election overturned.

“Despite the chaos of election night and the days which followed, the media has consistently proclaimed that no widespread voter fraud has been proven,” Paxton's lawsuit says. “But this observation misses the point. The constitutional issue is not whether voters committed fraud but whether state officials violated the law by systematically loosening the measures for ballot integrity so that fraud becomes undetectable.”

Trump has yet to name any specific cases or voters who committed fraud.