Trump attacks 2 GOP governors on flight to Georgia rally: 'Republicans will NEVER forget this'
Composite image of Republicans Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey (Facebook).

Republicans have been "working frantically behind the scenes" to keep President Donald Trump on message during his Saturday campaign rally in Georgia, but the efforts do not seem to be working.

GOP strategists hoped Trump would make the case for the two GOP senators in the January runoff elections that will decide control of the U.S. Senate, but Trump has continued to fixate on his delusions that he won the presidential election.

Aboard Air Force One on the flight to the rally, Trump attacked two GOP governors: Brian Kemp of Georgia and Doug Ducey of Arizona -- and seemed to threaten political retribution for the pair not going along with the president's debunked conspiracy theories about the election.

Trump lost the race to President-elect Joe Biden and lost both Georgia and Arizona. Even if Trump succeeded in overturning the will of the voters in both states, he would still lose the 2020 election.