Trump's blizzard of election lies should trigger 25th Amendment: MSNBC's Morning Joe
Donald Trump during a White House address on December 2, 2020. (Screenshot/Facebook)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said any other president who behaved like Donald Trump would have been removed long before now.

The president ranted and lied about his election loss for three quarters of an hour, and the "Morning Joe" host was disgusted by the grim spectacle and its corrosive effects on American life.

"It's the challenge that also has to do with the fact that so many people have become isolated, they sit in their homes all day and they'll either watch cable news, whatever channel, or they'll listen to a podcast," Scarborough said. "They'll go online and see things that reinforce their pre-existing worldview. They're solo operators and then they'll spew hate back out online, and again, this lack of civilizing forces in society too weak to combat the lure of authoritarianism."

"Just think about what we saw yesterday," he continued. "The madness, the absolute madness of a president of these United States inside the Oval Office or inside the White House spewing conspiracy theories, in any prior time, his Cabinet would have gone in and they would have voted to remove him through the 25th Amendment. They would have walked him away. In any prior time, any prior administration, this wouldn't have happened."

"But you have now too many Americans believing him, believing the bizarre conspiracy theories," Scarborough added. "We saw it burst on the scene with Pizzagate where a guy shows up with a gun. We have people believing that Democrats are running what pedophile cannibal rings or something like that, and the president won't even discount that. But again, we know Donald Trump's problem. The bigger problem the people inside the White House, including his own family, have allowed this to happen. The members of Senate who have not called him out because they're afraid things may go bad in Georgia? Things may go bad in Georgia? You let civilization go up in flames because things may go bad in Georgia."