Trump's 'defeat and denial' has turned the White House mood 'sour' as staffers scramble for new jobs: NYT reporter
AFP photo of Donald Trump.

As Donald Trump's options to overturn the results of the presidential election continue to be slapped aside by the courts, the New York Times' Peter Baker said the mood at the White House has grown "sour."

Speaking with MSNBC host Alex Witt, Baker said the knowledge that the Trump administration is coming to an end is weighing on White House aides who are seeking new jobs without letting on that they are looking around.

Reflecting on all the setbacks the White House has faced, host Witt asked, "How about the overall mood of the White House right now? What do you sense that is like?"

"Kind of a mix I think of defeat and denial," Baker replied. "They are trying to convince the president that it is time to concede, but he says that he will never concede. He is always talking about running in 2024."

"It is a pretty sour mood there right now," he added. "People looking for their next jobs even as they can't admit that they are looking for the next job because that would somehow be seen as disloyal, so a pretty sour moment."

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