Trump's Georgia rally will be a 'grievance-fest' and he'll ignore the GOP's Senate candidates: Republican insiders
President Donald J. Trump speaks to a large crowd at the "Keep America Great" rally held at the Wildwoods Convention Center. (Benjamin Clapp /

According to a report from the Independent, Georgia Republicans are nervously eyeing Donald Trump's planned rally in their state late Saturday having no idea whether he will lend them a hand holding onto the two seats in the U.S. Senate or whether he will spend the time ranting about the election he believes was stolen from him.

With both Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler's seats at stake -- as well as control of the U.S. Senate -- Republicans have been working overtime to correct the impression that voter fraud led to the state's 16 Electoral College votes going to former Vice President Joe Biden and cost Trump a second term.

According to one anonymous source familiar with what was termed the president's "mental state," Trump has handed Republicans a "..better than 50-50 chance that this all goes to sh*t and he becomes the first president to blow up two Senate campaigns at once.”

The report goes on to note that it has been 27 days since the president has lost the election and he has yet to concede, instead choosing to cast doubt on voting totals in multiple states -- Georgia included.

That has created no end of grief for Republican officials in the state who are trying to convince voters to turn-out for the January run-off, with Trump fans skeptical a fair election can run in a state dominated by Republican officials.

What should be even more concerning are comments made by a person close to the White House who suggested the president could make their job even harder if he turns his Saturday rally -- sure to get massive media attention -- into an airing of grievances while ignoring the two candidates who need his help.

With Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) stating, "The president should do everything he can on Saturday when he has his rally to get every Republican that voted for him — and some people that maybe didn’t vote for him — out to vote. Do everything to unite Republicans in Georgia so that we have a firewall against the progressiveness of this Biden administration,” the source close to the president said the Iowa senator shouldn't hold his breath.

Trump "is going to be more of a liability than an asset in going to Georgia," the source claimed before adding, "He will not stay on message, he is going to use it as an opportunity to rant against what he believes is a stolen election, and he is going to make his appearance there in Georgia all about him. It will not be about getting those two Senate seats; it will be about getting even for his defeat."

According to GOP consultant Rick Tyler, a prominent Never Trumper, "We don't have to wonder what Trump's gonna do. He's gonna go to Georgia, get in front of the crowd, and for 90 minutes, it's gonna be a grievance-fest, about how the election was stolen, it’s all fraud, and it's all rigged.”

“He's gonna go down there, and he's gonna get his supporters angry at the establishment party, meaning the governor and the secretary of state… and he’s gonna drive away the voters who Perdue and Loeffler need to win, because Trump drove away educated white women in the suburbs in droves [in November]. And guess what’s all around Atlanta? Educated white women,” he added.

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