Trump's 'insane' election loss response could lead to violence and the president 'doesn't care': White House reporter
Donald Trump (Jim Watson:AFP)

In a column for the conservative Buklwark, that includes some choice words for Donald Trump from his former lawyer Michael Cohen, Playboy's White House correspondent Brian Karem asserted that the president is setting the stage for post-election violence with his "seditious and insane" response to his election loss.

Karem began his column by quoting Cohen from their recent podcast interview where the former Trump fixer asserted the president would not be returning to property development now that he has learned he can count on millions of his avid followers to send him money with the promise he will run again in 2024.

According to Cohen addressing the president's humiliating election loss, “I want him to leave and keep his mouth shut for the next four years, the guy is so ignorant and arrogant. He billed himself as a builder and he’s done nothing. He couldn’t even get an infrastructure bill passed.”

As for future real estate deals, he added that the president "has “done the math” and figures approximately 20 million of the folks who voted for him can be counted upon to keep sending him cash for his crusade against Biden.

“He’s very bright when it comes to figuring out angles and money,” Cohen explained.“But he knows he can’t go back to real estate and he knows he has to leave the White House in January. But if he can get a large enough number of his supporters to send him money—then he’s set. That’s what he wants.”

As for the election and its aftermath, Karem accuses the president of heedlessly heightening tensions that could lead to an explosion of violence.

Writing that Trump "is limiting his exposure because he cannot face the press," Karem writes the president is using other mediums to rile up his base.

"Trump’s feverish, delusional, insane, and perhaps seditious denial of his loss, coupled with his ability to twist people into a knot and partnered with idiots like [former New York City Mayor Rudy] Giuliani and most of the White House senior staff have produced an environment ripe for violence," the columnist write before adding, "Trump doesn’t care—as long as it doesn’t get too violent."

Karem went on to suggest that Trump has never cared about controlling his rabid fans, with columnist comparing them to a "Frankenstein monster" unleashed on the general public.

The outgoing president has "triggered racists, sycophants, and marginalized Americans who believe Trump has given them permission to access the very worst versions of themselves and threaten the world around them for perceived and often erroneous indiscretions," he wrote before predicting, "Trump, in his frenzied delusional anger, is not only a hypocrite, but a vile, dangerous lunatic who threatens his own post-White House existence."

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