Trump’s stolen election myth puts Republicans in a ‘political straitjacket’: GOP strategist
Donald Trump during a rally in Nashville. ( NumenaStudios /

The Republican Party has largely fallen into line behind President Donald Trump's insistence that the election was stolen from him, but that myth may confine them to minority status going forward.

Conservatives are already trying to take stock of Trump's presidency to chart a new path forward, but the Republican Party can't really move on until they acknowledge that he failed to win re-election, according to Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent.

“The default posture of the post-MAGA populists is that true Trumpism has never been tried,” said Republican strategist Liam Donovan. “But until Republicans can get beyond the myth of the stolen election, they're stuck in a political straightjacket.”

“Republicans can’t have an honest accounting of what Trump got right unless and until they can acknowledge what he got wrong,” he added.